The Studio

Five years ago, my family and I “downsized” to a smaller home, but one that enabled expansion into an old barn, to build my art studio.  As any homeowner of an antique knows, renovations never end.  As our needs change, so does our space. The exterior was most exciting.  We tore off 40-year-old vinyl siding and hubby says it was like unwrapping a present. We had no idea what was beneath but have forged forward to repair and refurbish.  We seem to enjoy poking holes in the old walls and adding windows to bring in more natural light.  I love my barn-studio and except during the coldest months, I can now spend hours there painting and creating to my heart’s content (more heating is on the agenda).  Recently, in another part of the house, we deconstructed an unused chimney giving us more closets, something a bit lacking in older homes. You can juggle the pics here around to see some “befores” and “afters.” Take note of the old hay door—the only “piercing” we actually closed up.

Back Exterior of Studio
New railing for studio stairs
Working on the ceiling & trusses
New front studio window
"Before" pic of barn
"Unwrapped" and cut for new window
"Before" interior of studio space
Adding insulation
Exterior-Almost done!
Studio almost finished!