Artist & Writer

A friend of mine once yelled, “Projects!  You’re always working on some project!”  I guess that sums me up.  I am always at work creating--whether it is with paint, paper, clay, fabric, furniture or words.  There are artists who fall into a niche and stay there, perfecting their craft, but I seem to jump around in my pursuits.  The downside to that, of course, is that I struggle with everything.  The upside is that I have no trouble finding new pathways to explore.  This includes those wonderful times when my husband and I get to travel and seek out foreign color, imagery and inspiration.  We gallery-hop in every artsy city we find.  In addition to “struggling artist” and “someday novelist,” I work for area schools as a substitute teacher and help kids design their sets at a summer theater camp.  If the truth be known, however, my real superpower is architecture and drafting.  I can walk into a house once, then go home and draft its layout, dimensions and much of its furniture.  I love designing interior spaces and do so continuously in my new-old Victorian home.  So many projects, so little time….

Concord Art 2015

On a snowy day a group of first graders from Oak Meadow School in Littleton visited Concord Art. A precious story of one child's observation is shared by her teacher: "Something that was particularly meaningful was (one of our young student’s) observation about a painting of a school house but reminded her more of her grandmother's home. She explained that she loved the painting because it made her remember her grandmother who had died, for whom she had many wonderful memories. She also went on to say that it was a painting that had not won any awards like some of the others, but this didn't matter to her. What mattered was how the painting made her feel.”

Selected Shows, Publication & Recognition

2005 2D Facial Reconstruction Speaking Engagement – NEFAA Conference, Cornell University

2006 Case Presentation – IAI Conference, Boston

2011 Tatnuck Booksellers Thursday Painters Exhibition,

         Post Road Art Center Animal Show,

         Westborough Baystate Commons Arts on the Common,

         Artist Guild of Shrewsbury Art in the Park

2012 Short story Color of Worry published in Tales of the Talisman Volume 8, Issue 3.

2013 Selected Shows: AGS Annual Art Show, Spirit of Shrewsbury Juried Art Show

2014 Selected Shows Shrewsbury CU: Animals and Pets, Landscapes and Seascapes,

         Summer Gardens.

2015 Special Recognition for Aussie Schoolhouse, Juried 1, Concord Art (Jan)

         People’s Choice Award for Rust Nebula, Post Road Art Center, Abstract Exhibit (Apr)

         Contributing Artist, Core Values Project, Sherwood Middle School

         Selected Shows Shrewsbury CU:  Homage to the Masters, Mastering the Craft.

2016 Bright Spots, two-woman show with watercolorist Kay Vuona, Shrewsbury C.U. (Jun)

         Honorable Mention for Do What You Love, ON Stage Online Art Contest (Apr)

2017 Oilstick Demonstration, Shrewsbury Public Library (Feb)

         Solo Show Color Me Happy, 1717 Shoppe, Westboro Plaza, Westborough, MA (May)

2018 Released The Artist and the Army—memoir and curated artworks (Mar)

Kegan Maglio

I am proud mom to three very talented creative minds.  Kegan is my middle child who never leaves the house without a sketchbook in hand.  Last year he wrote and illustrated a quirky children’s book called, Quest of the Cave-King.  It is a story that teaches “outside the box” problem solving through the author’s subtle humor and keen sense of the absurd.  Kegan reads to area grade school classes.  You can purchase his book on Amazon:  Quest of the Cave-King

Forensic Artist

I loved working as a forensic artist.  It satisfied my analytical, detail-oriented side and enticed my imagination all at once.  I did facial reconstructions from the skulls of unknown victims, clay renditions for court, and composites for area police departments.  I have been lucky enough to work with and train under some of the leading experts in this field.  Sadly, it is work that is frustratingly less available for an independent consultant partly because I am not law enforcement, but also because I live in the suburbs where crime is (thankfully) less prevalent. Though I no longer do this work, I include some of my cases in my galleries because it is important for the images to be seen, but also because it is work that I am proud to be a part of.  Each case and all of the people that I’ve met along this exquisite path, both living and dead, will forever remain near to my heart.